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NEPACC: more than a social group.

The Northeast Pennsylvania Camera Club is a group for photographers Created by Jonathan Edwards to give both brand-new photographers a place to learn and grow as well as give more advanced and professional photographers a chance to network and teach. 


This group is founded on the basic idea that we cannot survive as creatives without support from each other. 


Benefits of joining NEPACC:


Meetups and Networking:  We want this to be a community of friends who love photography! Northeast Pennsylvania has an INCREDIBLE amount of talent that is dying to be recognized.  


Job Opportunities: Professional photographers in our area whether they are full-time or part-time are CONSTANTLY in search of assistants and second shooters for events, weddings and more. The best way to get jobs like this is to join this group, get to know the working Photographers and learn from them!


•Workshops: Ever find yourself wondering how to get that shot you see in your mind's eye? This group can help! With workshops hosted by some of the most incredible photographers in the area, we will focus on Sports Photography, Photo-Journalism, Wedding Photography, Product Photography, Architectural Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography Event Photography and MORE! 

Can't make it to a workshop? No problem! We will be recording each one of the sessions and make them available to watch!


Give Back: Myself and other administrators of this group are working with local charities and other organizations to give local amateur photographers the opportunity to practice and grow their skills and get themselves noticed. We will be posting often, so keep an eye on the calendar!  


Get Inspired: Weekly, Monthly and sometimes DAILY photography challenges will keep you creating unique images and force you to exercise the skills you are learning while learning more! Some of these challenges will be easy; "Take a great shot of the snow falling outside" while some of them may take you out of your comfort zone entirely; "ask a stranger to let you take their portrait." 


•Professional 1-on-1 training: We have Professional photographers who have been working in the field and in the studio for DECADES who have made themselves available to teach aspiring photographers. 


•Awards, contests, and giveaways: Get recognized for your work and win cool stuff! We will be working with local businesses and organizations to sponsor all sorts of contests and giveaways to help keep you motivated!






•Any ACTIVE beginner, advanced or Professional Photographer can join this group. 


•There is NO COST for joining and participating in the associated Facebook group. Some workshops, 1-on-1 training, and events will cost money to attend*.  


•Members of this group are REQUIRED to post at least 1 Photo a month to the Facebook group associated with this group. This photo can be part of one of our challenges, contests or simply a recent photograph you want the world to see. 


* Because we want the BEST people to lead our workshops, most (not all) of the workshops will have a fee to attend. Some events and locations cost money and since this group is free-to-join we cannot pay for it. 1-on-1 training costs will be determined by the individual Professional Photographer. 

The Professionals: 

Professional Photographers who will be leading our workshops (keep an eye on this list, it will be changing and updated from time to tome)


  • Jonathan Edwards -Youtube
  • Jonathan Edwards -Instagram
  • Jonathan Edwards - facebook
Jonathan Edwards
  • Jonathan Edwards - facebook
Tom Reilly
  • Brittany Boote Photography
Brittany Boote
Aimee Dilger
  • Frank Lauri Photography - facebook
Frank Lauri
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