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The Official NEPACC Call Sheet

(just a basic spreadsheet right now)

**click the camera**

**click the camera**

This resource is for the use of ANY NEPACC member to find help shooting and editing wedding photos and videos! HOWEVER there are some basic guidlines I think it would be important that everyone follow: 

What is anAssistant?

A Photographers assistant is an Entry-Level position that allows you to work with a photographer and gain experience. You may have previous experience and you might already know your way around a camera but this is generally a non-creative job. Being a photographers assistant won't build your portfolio but it will help a great deal to give you a feel for the business. 


Some things you may be asked to do as an assistant: 

•Carry and set up equipment. 

•Prepare the location for a shoot

•Stand-in for the subject while the photographer sets lighting

•hold reflectors, make lighting adjustments

•change lenses
•Take test shots & behind the scene shots 
•tear down, clean and load the equipment after a shoot

•load and unload equipment


Tips for Assistants: 

•Talk to the photographer in advance and find out the format and purpose of the shoot and what equipment will be used.

•Be a little early and try to anticipate the needs of the photographer. 

•Make sure you are aware of any dress codes, try not to stand out or be distracting.

•Pay attention to the photographer, make mental notes on the way they do things so you can be ready to help .

•Be warm and friendly with the client(s) offer to get water, coffee or whatever is needed. Keep an eye out for anything that might be distracting 

•Keep some of the photographers business cards on you to share with people who ask for them. 

•Try to observe and learn as much as you can! 


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